Recently I had an installation done for shower doors in Somerset County NJ. My home needed a new shower door because of an unfortunate accident that happened while I was installing a shower head. The shower head was one of those fancy pulsating shower heads with adjustable pressure. It can be taken from the holder and moved around to reach any part of the body. While installing this head, I accidentally dropped the head into the glass door of my shower and a large portion of the glass broke off and landed in the shower. This essentially left a big hole in my glass shower door.

Since I couldn’t use a shower with a hole in door, at least not without having water flow all over the bathroom, I had to find a away to get it replaced. I still needed to use the shower, so in the mean time, I put some plastic on the shower door to cover up the whole. It was a pretty low tech solution to my problem, but it had to be used while I was searching for someone to give me a replacement shower door. I looked online to find just the company for that task.

After browsing through many listing for local companies, I chose one and contacted them. They told me that they could easily solve my shower door problem. They measured the area where the new shower door would be installed and promptly went to work. Once my new shower door was installed, everything was as good as new. I love being able to use the shower head that I installed. Normally when I take a shower, I spend around 10 minutes in the shower, but with the new shower head, I like to just sit under the water for half an hour.